Basic Building Set 4A


The supplementary set #4A consists of 68 individual stone bricks and combined with the other box sets, it increases the building possibilities many times over as you increase your individual stone inventory and the variety of shapes. The stone bricks come in the three standard colours; brick red, yellow sandstone, and slate blue. The precision of the stones, which are made by hand, the smooth surface and the weight of the building blocks enable models to be built without knobs or adhesions.

The Anker Construction Template included in the box provides suggestions for building and inspires the imagination for other free-form building projects. Packaged in the traditional wooden box with a lid for convenient storage, it also comes with a diagram illustrating how the stones can be packed back into the box.

This set together with the basic set #4 becomes the equivalent of set #6 and allows you to build all of the model buildings in set #6. The last page of the Anker Construction Template provides an outlook on the larger and more imposing and complex buildings which can be built with the help of supplementary set #6A.

Suitable for children aged 4 and above.

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