Anker Steinbaukasten or otherwise known as the Anker Stone Construction Kit, are high quality sets of stone building blocks for children (and adults) alike. It is the oldest toy system in the world with a long-standing history of more than 120 years to date. Each of the stone bricks are manufactured by hand in accordance with a traditional formula using 100% natural materials which consist of chalk, quartz sand, colour pigments and linseed oil.
Manufactured in three colours to simulate terra cotta brick, natural sandstone, and the blue slate of European roof tiles, these blocks look and feel like real stone. This gives the finished structures a lifelike quality that is unsurpassed. Anker Stones are hand finished to a high degree of accuracy, making it possible to build very complex structures as the weight and texture of the blocks are able to hold the building together and there is no need for glue or other adhesives.
The Anker Stone Construction Kit, which encourages the development of the tactile senses and manual dexterity while stimulating imagination, creativity and 3D perception has won numerous awards, dating back to the 1880s, including the “spiel gut” seal, one of the most important and renowned awards for good and educationally valuable children’s toys in Germany today.