“Play is the highest form of research”
Albert Einstein

We at The Little Explorer couldn’t agree more with the above quote. We strongly believe that children will be able to benefit in many ways through play, to name a few, developing social, literacy and language skills, fostering creativity and encouraging imagination.

With this philosophy in mind, we therefore try to cultivate more play into our little one’s days with the right toys and materials, taking into consideration first and foremost safety, followed closely by quality, sustainability and aesthetic. However, to our disappointment, we realised that we are considerably limited in terms of option for toys fitting all these criteria in Malaysia as a result of which we had to expend much (waiting) time and incur substantial shipping costs procuring these toys overseas.

It is our hope therefore that through The Little Explorer, this small family business of ours, we are able to share with like-minded parents the range of toys that we carefully curate for our little one and to make safe, quality and sustainably-made toys more accessible.